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Farming addon

Farming addon
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In this add-on you will see many different functions that are related to Farming in Minecraft, in the addon you will see a beautiful tractor with many cool functions with planting crops.
Also with him there is a mob Goat, with the help of it you can make some products from it.

Assembly for the tractor

With it, you can craft every part of the tractor.
In order to get started, we need to craft a block that will allow us to assemble the entire tractor.
In order to remove a block in survival mode, you need to inflict 3-4 hits on it.

How to craft a tractor?

[spoiler] [/ spoiler]

Tractor characteristics

  • It is enough to inflict 3-4 hits to remove the tractor in survival mode. In creative mode, the tractor is destroyed in one hit.
  • If you dip the tractor in lava, water, it will be destroyed.
There are items that you can pick up

How to attach tools to the tractor?

  1. Take any tool;
  2. Sit down and click on the tractor.
You can only attach one item to the tractor.


With it, you can remove all tall grass and flowers. 


This tool, which is shown in the picture above, removes large plants (flowers, bushes) from small ones. It is also worth paying attention, after mowing the plants, they will drop seeds, use them to plant in your crop.


For Minecraft versions 1.14.60+ and higher.

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