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Forest X 1.0.2

Forest X 1.0.2
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The addon adds the following 5 biomes:
Mud Biome - A biome with thick mud that covers almost the entire biome. In its depths, you can find oil that is used to create various materials.
Volcanic Biome - One of the most dangerous biomes, where you can easily drown in lava, and not only in lava, in any case, do not dig down under the ash.
Flower meadows - The most beautiful biome, where rare flowers appear, which are not found anywhere else.
Permafrost - The coldest and darkest biome, you should not stay in it for a long time, otherwise your heart may cool down.
Spectral End - The biome that connects the End and the Upper World, here you can find amethyst ores.


Under the ground, you can find different ores of precious stones and metals, their rarity will depend on their value.

Plants and seedlings

You can find many different plants from Strawberry bush to Peach tree sapling:
Berry bushes - appear in Taiga and similar biomes. Berry bushes are of the following types: Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cranberry.
Log with grapes - You can craft one with a log and grapes, you can get even more grapes from the block!
Tea bush - while you can get it in a creative, if you break it, then tea leaves will fall out of the bush from which you can make a tea bag and brew yourself a tea.
White pumpkin appears next to sunflowers, while there is no use for it.
Banana palm sapling - from this sapling you can grow yourself a banana palm tree from its leaves 5 bananas fall out.
Lemon Sapling - You can grow yourself a lemon tree in order to collect lemons.
Pear Sapling - Grow a pear tree to collect sweet pears.
Cherry Sapling - you can grow a cherry tree from it, it drops delicious cherries.
Sakura sapling is a beautiful decorative tree that will decorate your interior.
Peach tree sapling - This sapling is for those who love to eat peaches. Grow it to harvest peaches from its leaves.
Corn Harvest - You can harvest 4 units of corn from it.
Tomato Harvest - 5 units of tomato can be harvested from a bush.


This addon was created after the closure of Bomj Addon.

Version history

What's new in version 1.0.2?
- Fixed serious bugs

What's new in version 1.0.1?
- Fixed serious bugs


For Minecraft versions 1.14.60+ and higher.

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Dkee Hsa
Dkee Hsa 21 June 2020 14:28
_Nikita_, Thank you for your feedback, of course we will publish a new version soon.
KitNik 21 June 2020 00:14
A good addon / mod, great respect for the creators, I hope it will add crafting and more biomes.