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Golem expansion

Golem expansion
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Do you want more types of golem? This add-on will help you add 12 types of golem. You can add a golem using an egg or commands. The more golem in your world, the more chances you will have of companions to defeat monsters. Don't forget to include experimental gameplay.

Wooden Golems

  • Wood golems include oak golems, spruce golems, birch golems, jungle golems, acacia golems, and black oak golems.
  • Each wood golem conducts itself in the same way as an ordinary iron golem.
  • Each golem drops items according to their appearance. For example, acacia golems will only drop acacia boards after they are destroyed.
  • You can find them spawning in forests and different biomes with trees according to their species.

Ice Golems

  • Ice golems hate to swim because they melt in the water. As a result, they cause damage in water.
  • Drops of ice once killed.
  • Spawns on frozen biomes.

Magma Golems

  • Deals damage to water.
  • Immune to fire.
  • Resets blocks of magma after being killed.
  • Spawns in the Void.

Quartz Golems

  • Has almost the same behavior as a regular iron golem.
  • The drops of quartz killed me once.
  • Spawns in the Void


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