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Edible Pet Supplement

Edible Pet Supplement
Addons for Minecraft PE
They look like pets and give you advantages: speed, strength, or stamina! Activate superpowers by simply eating them. You can use them indefinitely and get useful effects that can save your life. Want to get this add-on? Then complete the game in Survival mode without using any cheat codes.
Monsters such as monsters, sea monsters, evil trees and crabs will also be added to the game. These monsters will appear around the world automatically.


The nymph can burn in the sun and damage you.

The sea monster can attack and kill you, and he can also swim in water. It has no place in the sun.
A tree can burn in the sun while also being able to move and fall.
A monster that can burn in the sun and attack you..

Eye, it will shoot fireballs, can attack and will appear in any unexpected place.

Crab, they won't do anything to you, they have beautiful eyes like a spider, also beautiful texture.

Enderman may harm you, don't look at him!

Bats, it was not clear to us whether they would harm or not. You should check them yourself. But we know that they will appear in dark places in caves.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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