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Chocobo mod

Chocobo mod
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This add-on has added new mobs to you, which can be very useful for you. These mobs are similar to Chocoba, which have their own unique abilities, they do not provide any benefit, for example, it is impossible to make edible out of Chocoba, you will be able to sit on it and put on armor.

There are four types of birds that are very different. They can be identified by color.
Red. They can jump more than twenty blocks upwards, adds fire resistance.
Green. They will be dangerous in your world, they will appear unexpectedly in the Jungle biome.
Blue. They can swim and do little damage.
Yellow and white. They are harmless, you can train them to be your close friends.

To get food, use the / function chocobo command.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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