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Dangerous evolution

Dangerous evolution
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This add-on will add eighteen super-dangerous mobs to your world that can shoot, fly and cause great damage. This expansion is more similar to Star Wars, where the same actions are performed. All mobs are dangerous, they can kill their opponents, they can also touch you in survival mode, you don't even have time to blink an eye as you are already killed by a dangerous mob.

For example, the Spawn Gunship mob shoots bombs and does it pretty quickly, it's just like Gast, who shoots fireballs, but keep in mind that these are different mobs, and better stay away from the Spawn Gunship mob!

The Fireball Blaster mob shoots fireballs at high speed, inflicts damage of about 4-5 lives, of course it is also worth staying further from it.

The Dispenser Bot mob shoots arrows, the damage inflicts about 3-4 life. But we hasten to inform you that he shoots very quickly! It will be very easy to die.

The Gray mob can also be dangerous, it leaves behind black figures, they can also inflict little damage on you like the mob itself.
That's all for now. Here are almost all the mobs in the add-on.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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