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Dangerous mob additions

Dangerous mob additions
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If you are tired of playing with the same mobs, then this addon will help you add eight dangerous mobs from which it is better to run further.
Absolutely all mobs are insanely dangerous, it is better not to touch them closely, as soon as you hit it, it will inflict great damage on you. Mobs can do both high and low damage, but most give high damage. Now we will write you which mobs you should run away from.

Water turret
This mob is dangerous, after hitting it will inflict some kind of blue liquid on you (something like a potion). The damage is large and very fast.
TNT turret
This mob, after hitting it, will throw a TNT bomb at you. The damage is of course complete, it all depends on how fast you are.

Shulker turret
This mob will launch you up thanks to magic
Arrow turret
He will shoot normal arrows at youMissile turret
It will deal damage with something hot. Damage - 3-4 full lives, damage is done with pauses.
We haven't figured it out yet, you can only make out the download and launch field of the add-on. Here are all the mobs:Go to this site - and learn how to craft them.
Rate each one and write your preferences in the comments. And which is the most dangerous?


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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