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Adding tigers

Adding tigers
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on adds two new objects to minecraft, which include regular tigers and white tigers. It only works for version 1.8 (beta) and higher, since only in this version you can add new objects to the game.
How it works?
Common (yellow-ish) tigers and white tigers can be found in any biome, or you can breed them using a spawning egg in Creator mode.
Tigers are aggressive animals, so you have to be careful around them. You can tame a tiger by serving any type of raw meat. It works for both adult tigers and puppies.
Tamed tigers follow their master, you can ask them to stay (

General information about the tiger

  • wild
    Health: 45
    Attack Damage: 5
    They eat raw meat
    Health: 70
    Attack damage: 9
    They eat raw meat

Important! Be sure to enable Experimental Gameplay in World Settings!


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