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Automatic archery

Automatic archery
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With this mod, you will have the option of automatic archery. This addon is very useful and convenient, to quickly kill your player, follow the color coding, it will help you determine the distance from the target, how strong the damage will be! It will be easy for you to hit the player within 36 blocks..

Subsequently, the process of your camera is quite automatically adjusted. While in this stay, you also will not be able to move. The animals were not injured!

The add-on will automatically adjust the colors of the mobs depending on the distance. You watch the paints in order to be aware of how to shoot and whether it is generally worth doing it.
Close - Green Target: 4-11 blocks.
Far - Yellow Target: 12-19 blocks
Far Away - Red Target: 19-36 Blocks
The color of the bow will tell you how much you need to draw the bow for the arrow to reach its intended target.
Also below will be information about how much you pulled your bow and how far your arrow will fly.

  • Green: 4-11 blocks
    Yellow color: 12-19 blocks
    Red: 19-36 blocks


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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