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Cave Monsters Addon

Cave Monsters Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
This modification adds two mobs to the game: a special spider Black Widow, which spawns every ten seconds. The second mob is an improved version of the creeper that teleports around the player and drops TNT! Basically, both mobs spawn in deep caves, but they can also be found near the surface.
The black widow spider is slightly larger and stronger than the regular spider in Minecraft. The mob is poisonous, and if not killed quickly, then it spawns up to ten little black widows!

The children of the Black Widow huddle around their mother and annoy you greatly. They don't hit very hard, but there are too many of them, so they do a lot of damage.
The next mob is a terrible version of the creeper, which quickly teleports around the player and throws TNT

For killing these mobs, extremely valuable items fall out: diamonds, emeralds, gold and iron.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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