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Test Dummies add-on

Test Dummies add-on
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If you're a combat pro, decorator, or even lonely, this add-on can fill those gaps as it might not add many objects, but it still gets the job done! This add-on adds 4 new objects that you can use as a target practice or inanimate companion. These three of these entities have special features, and the last one represents your species. The only problem is that you cannot get these entities in survival.

Ganoid mannequin
A dummy that acts like a player in a stationary position
Has 20 Health
Reptile mannequin
A dummy that acts like inanimate vines
Has 20 Health
Zombie dummy
A dummy that represents a common enemy of the undead
Has 20 Health
Skeleton mannequin
The dummy that acts like our annoying snipers of the night
Has 20 Health

To activate, you need to put a lever in front of the entity.


For Minecraft versions and higher.

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