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Operation Senatio Parasite Addon V2 (The Bigger Threat Update)

Operation Senatio Parasite Addon V2 (The Bigger Threat Update)
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon adds parasite and biomes to Minecraft PE/BE.
If you want an apocalypse theme, this addon is for you. This addon adds many mobs, biomes, bosses, and weapons. 
This addon was inspired from Scape and Run Parasites Mod by Dhanantry in Minecraft Java Edtition. Yeah i was inspired from this mod.

Warning: Surving on this addon is very hard due to mobs on the addon
Terms of Use
  1. If you want use this addon to your YT video, or your Projects, Please remember to Credit to me.
  2. No Using Textures and Codes on this Addon without my permission.
  3. No Reposting of this addon.
These mobs can attack almost every minecraft mobs
Link of showcase: 
crawls around and, can deal you poison
Health: 10
Damage: 5
Infected Mobs:
Mobs that were infected:
Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Spider, Creeper, Wolf, Zombie, Player, and Chicken
Easy to kill
Main Parasites:
those parasites that attacks any mob:
They were currently 8 main Parasites on this addon
  1. Paratoid male and female: attacks like normal.
  2. Parashooter: shoots arrows.
  3. Parasupporter: deals you with nausea effect.
  4. Paraflyer: flying parasites that shoots arrows.
  5. ParaBruter: brutal parasite.
  6. ParaRammer: deals you with weakness effect.
  7. Paraclimber: climbs around
a normal parasites
more bit stronger
more deadlier and stronger.
Parasitic Biome (Desert)
Podzol Varient (Savana)
Paraflesh Biome (Birch Forest)
Abominated Biome (Extreme Hills)
These biomes replaced desert and savana due to parasite takeover.
Mobs that spawn in these biomes
  1. Paraslammer: slams you with harm effect.
  2. Paraturret: shoots arrows.
  3. ParaBlower: teleports and explodes.
  4. Parawarper: teleports.
  5. Paraworm: slither and gives poison
  6. Parastrider: shoot arrows.
  7. Paraglider: glides
  8. Parastalker: stalks around
  1. Super Paradestroyer Boss: flying one. Health: 900
  2. Mother Paraworm boss: Health: 200
  3. Mother of all Paraflesh Boss: Health: 500
  4. Parasitic Abomination Boss: Health: 1000
Items, Blocks, and Weapons,
  1. Parablood block
  2. Parasitic scales
  3. Paraberry “food”
  4. Parawood
  5. Parasword “weapon”
  6. Paraspencer “weapon”
  7. Paraheart “used to spawn bosses”
/give @a cc: to get them
Credit Rules:
  1. use only the MCPEDL Link.
  2. Dont use the direct links.


  1. Download both resouce pack and behaviour Packs.
  2. Apply both in Resource on World’s Settings.
  3. Turn on all experimental features on.
  4. Enjoy :)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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