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Uncharted Waters (Balancing Update)

Uncharted Waters (Balancing Update)
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Dip your toes into the Uncharted Waters with new fish to exploit, fishing rods to fish with, and blocks to source everything related from, including a new crafting table too!
Welcome to the vast oceans of Uncharted Waters. Where you can fish a variety of resource based fish, fish with new fishing rods, and forge armor with Neptune's Crystals.
These blocks allow you to fish, with the Block of Lake, Block of Ocean, and Block of Volcano. Also, you can craft the Fisherman's Table, which is used to craft the previous blocks
New Fishing Rods
There are more, and some have special abilities, such as doubling your fish yield, or increasing your chance of getting treasure
New Fish
There are lots of new fish, all based on resources to gather them easier. Along with this, there are two new "regular" fish that you could find in the real world, being the catfish and the trout. Both of which can be cooked, but they are only found in lake blocks. To extract the resources from the fish, use the Fisherman's Table.
Lake, Ocean, and Volcano Blocks
These blocks are used to fish with. Just use your new fishing rods on these blocks to get the new fish. Be careful though, volcano blocks break most fishing rods, and ocean and lake blocks break blazed fishing rods. You can also use buckets to collect that liquid infinitely!
Each block gives a different loot, so try each out!
There are four new crates! The Wooden Crate, Steel Crate, Jeweled Crate, and Scorched Crate. Each give loot themed with the block they are based off of. Wooden and Steel Crates can be found in both lake and ocean blocks. Jeweled Crates can only be found in ocean blocks. Scorched Crates can only be found in volcano blocks.
Neptune Armor/Tools
Neptune Armor is a new set of armor slightly better than netherite. Crafted with Neptune Crystals, which are gotten from Neptune Fish (the rarest fish gotten from the ocean block). Using quartz rods, a new item, you can craft the tools. They are crafted in the Fisherman's Table.
Go check it out to better understand everything. Maybe drop a sub or a like, idk.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-You may not steal/reupload anything from this addon
-You may add this in addonpacks, with credit of course
There is none, stop looking for stuff.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100



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