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Survival Reborn v1.6 Cave Update/Biomes (1.17) (Bug Fixes) (Beta Support)

Survival Reborn v1.6 Cave Update/Biomes (1.17) (Bug Fixes) (Beta Support)
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Have you ever wanted add-ons to feel more like java mods/modpacks? Have you ever wanted an amazing survival world with your friends? Have you ever wanted to blow things up with nukes or plant new types of trees with all new saplings? Have you ever wanted to explore huge caves? Have you ever wanted an improved spider animation? if you have ever wanted any of these things then this add-on is perfect for you  
All types of new woods    (only cherry is stripped for now)
Cherry Log, Cherry Stripped, Cherry Planks, Mossy Log, Mossy Planks, Dusk Log, Dusk Planks, Yellowstone Log, Yellowstone Planks, Sandy Log
All Planks can be turned into sticks and wooden tools 
All logs and planks have the same break speed of 0.8 
All the new types of leaves drop saplings that work :) 
Cherry leaves also drop cherries 
All the new types of grass
Yellowstone grass, belbood mesh, dusk grass 
Belbood mesh generates in belbood forests 
Dusk grass generates in dusk forests
Yellowstone Grass generates in Yellowstone forests 
All new types of grass have the same break speed of 0.8
All new types of crafting tables   (ignore the blue apple I fixed that texture now)
Magic Table and nuke crafter
Magic Table can craft magic staffs, Staffs, soulbinder, soul weapons
Nuke Crafter can craft nukes and missiles 
Cherry forest
A warm-weather biome 
Cherry trees and flowers generate here  along with some small oak trees
Rainbow forest
A warm-weather biome
Dusk Trees, Cherry Trees, Mossy Trees, Yellowstone Trees, Oak Trees, and some flowers generate in this biome 
Dusk Leaves Pile can be found here also
Belbood Forest 
A new type of swamp biome 
2 types of mossy trees, and belbood mesh generates here with some rocks and a lot of water 
Yellowstone Forest
A Desert type biome
I added a sub pack to add/remove this biome from the pack  (more info down below)
Yellowstone Trees, Sandy Trees, Skeleton ruins and some rocks generate in this biome 
Yellowstone Spiders Spawn Here 
Dusk Forest
Dusk Trees and Dusk Leaves Pile generate in this biome 
A Desert/forest type biome
(this biome may lag on low-end devices)
I added a subpack to remove/add this biome from the pack (more info down below)
All new types of saplings
Mossy sapling, Yellowstone sapling, Sandy sapling, Dusk Sapling, Cherry Sapling
All Saplings grow their trees on a random tick 
All saplings have a break speed of 0
Uranium ore and Deepslate Uranium ore  (deepslate ores only work in 1.17.10 for now)
Generates under y level 15 
When smelted drops uranium 
can be used to craft nukes
Cinnabar ore and deepslate cinnabar ore   (deepslate ores only work in 1.17.10 for now)
Generates under y 12
When smelted drops cinnabar
Can be used to craft spells and new types of potions (WIP)
Cave Biomes
Muddy Caves  (look awesome thanks to 1.17)  (only works in 1.17)
Spawns in flower forests (don't always spawn)
generate muddy dirt underground 
has a 5% chance of spawning in warm biomes
has a 5% chance of spawning in cold biomes
Improved Spider
The Spider now has a new texture, model, and animation 
Still works like a normal spider tho
Yellowstone Spider 
Spawns in Yellowstone forests 
Drops Yellowstone string
The Yellowstone spider blends in with sand and sandstone
Fire Guardian Boss Tower
Spawns everywhere in the overworld 
In the top, there's a chest full of diamonds, and mythical/ancient weapons
if your unlucky the chest could have rails
The chest is Guarded by a mini-boss named the Fire Guardian 
I recommend you have full enchanted netherite before you enter the tower
Fire Guardian 
Shoots FireBalls (more attacks coming soon)
Immune To fire
Drops Fire Totem
Hp: 350
Spawns in belbood Forest
Drops wasp stingers that poison anyone in a range of 5
When 1.17 comes out I am gonna give the wasps a hive geode 
ATTACK DAMAGE : 3 with poison 1
Fire Missile
explosion power: 15
spawns fire
Needs Nuke Crafter to craft
Nuke Crafter Recipe
Needs Crafting Table to craft
Gun Powder Block Recipe
Needs Crafting Table to craft
Uranium Ingot Recipe
Needs Crafting Table to craft
Diamond shards into a diamond recipe
Needs Crafting Table to craft
Diamond to 9 diamond shards recipe
Needs crafting table to craft
Steel Alloy Recipe
Needs Crafting Table to craft
Iron Key Recipe (gonna be useable in the future)
Needs Crafting table to craft
Diamond Key Recipe (gonna be useable in the future)
Needs crafting table to craft
How to use when you go to create a world and add the add-on click more info and click the clog and then it will come up with a slide bar with options
soul rack patches that generate in the nether
has a chance that ruby will spawn inside these patches 
these patches are really common although getting ruby ore inside them is very rare 
Thank you to ihategravel for making jungles denser and fixing saplings
Changelog v1.5
logs can now catch fire
leaves can now catch fire
most text bugs have been fixed
Yellowstone saplings no longer spawn in the air
ores now generate in 1.17 
All cave carvers were removed and replaced by 1.17 cave features
All ores can now generate pass level 0
Lowered the fire guardians tower spawn chance by 1 
added deepslate variants for uranium and cinnabar ore 
added smelt recipes for deepslate ores 
Lowered soul magma spawn chance by 2
//note  Sorry this add-on is mainly bug fixing 1.17 came a lot faster than expected 
Changelog V1.6 
Wasps spawn more
fixed all projectiles
fixed ore gen for 1.16 and 1.17.10
1.16 and 1.17 version are now the same
//Note at the time I am posting this update 1.17 hasn't been released yet so I am sorry if some of my info is wrong 
Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this add-on  (more updates coming soon)
btw I did a lot of the coding myself
Credit to Cyden Craft for coding some ancient weapons and helping with textures and some belbood assets and for also doing recipes
Credit to brass_geo for making most textures and advanced textures
Credit to TC for Weapon Textures
Credit to LordMaster/MemeMaster for coding some tornados (upcoming) and some weapons
Credit to Ihategravel for making the logs rotatable 
Credit to EchoStreem for models and textures
Credit To JavaAppa for Structure Building and Textures
Credit to Dolphin131777 for making some structures
Credit to KayraCam for animations and tornado model and fixing the spider animations after coderlux left
Credit to coderlux for doing the spider animations 
Credit to Enderlord for models
Credit to HatFluppyClouds for some 3d items
Credit to DakonBlackRose for his tree template

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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