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Sethome Addon

Sethome Addon
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This addon will give you the convenience of survival, because this addon gives you a tool called "Sethome Tool" which functions to set your house or spawnpoints, and also return to your spawnpoints / house quickly.

How To Use?

1.the first time it appears, if you select "first subpack" you will be given a sethome tool which cannot be removed or disappears upon death, and if you select "second subpack" you can get the sethome tool by crafting it.
2.when you want to set your home place, you can change to menu /sethome by long pressing the screen until it switches to menu /sethome, and sneak to set home.
3.and you can also go back to home by switching to the / home menu in the same way as before, and you will return to home in a 3 second countdown.


You can set the addon system in the behavior pack then activate the sethome addon, after that click the button like a gear, then choose between 2 options 
1).Obtained By Every Player And Cannot Be Crafted
2).Not Obtained By Every Player And Can Be Crafted

How To Make The Sethome Tool?

  • you have to choose the second subpack in order to make the sethome tool.
  • Teleportation Chip
            1).Iron Ingot 6x
            2).compass 1x
            3).ender pearl 1x
            4).redstone dust 1x
  • Sethome Tool
            1).iron ingot 6x
            2).Stone Button 2x
            3).Teleportation Chip 1x

This addon feature:

  1. no need to set "keep inventory"
  2. can be used for Realm Or Multiplayer
  3. without typing /function
  4. can set Home with "sethome tool" or by bed
  5. Can choose 2 addon systems
  6. no need to worry if the item is lost or exp

NOTE : Use Survival Mode For "/Home" To Work


World Settings Needed



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Thanks To:

Dakonblackrose which has provided the Custom Menu addon template

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.210 (beta)



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