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Dream Addon

Dream Addon
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Do you know Dream of Youtuber?Oh! Speedrunner VS Hunters guy? I love Dream.This add-on adds Dream and related original items. Survival should be more fun!You can be like Mr. Dream.

This is a video. See if you want to know more


New item

Dream mask

The item I (Reimu) has in my hand is a mask. There are 15 defenses!
I think it applies to most skins. Anyone can become Mr. Dream!
The mask is in 3D.

Dream Box

It's like a lucky block.
Items are randomly obtained.
What you can get
・ Yellow-green concrete
・ Minecart with TNT
・ Blaze powder
・ Yellow-green dye
・ Water bucket
・ Lava bucket
・ Iron axe
・ Ender pearl
・ Yellow-green wool
・ Enchanted gold apple
・ Yellow-green carpet
・ Yellow-green bet

Dream Juice

This cute looking drink has health boost, speed, fire resistance and slow drop effects! When it's time to come!

Appearance of Mr. Dream

Dream spawns everywhere.
The status is almost the same as the player, and he has an iron ax.
In addition, teleporting is possible.

UI changes

As was often the case with the image, the UI has changed to give it a green and stylish finish.
Due to the size, we cannot put all of them, so please look for them yourself!


Click the file to download it.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)



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