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Fallen-Toast's Crumbs

Fallen-Toast's Crumbs
Addons for Minecraft PE
Did you ever want a certain feature from Natural Structure or Man-Made Structures without the rest? Fallen-Toast's Crumbs will break down the add-ons into its own tiny addons so you can get just the feature and some of its own customizations. (There like crumbs from my addons) If you'd like a certain feature from my addons please suggest below!

Please refer to the following Addons for information about the addons.

Natural (Nature) Structures

Foliage Bundle

Includes Sticks, Bushes, and rocks! As well as leaf, Dried leaf and its associating blocks

No options


Include Sticks! Spawns more commonly on the beach

No options


Includes Rocks, Beach Pebbles, and Volcanic Rocks. As well as throwable pebbles

Options: Beach Pebbles On/Off



Includes Bushes, Dried Bushes, Leaf, Dried Leaves

New from the original ~Put leaf/bushes into furnaces to create their dried variants. (Since there is no drying rack)

Options Leaves Furnace Recipe (On/Off)

Man-Made Structures

Buildable Campfires

Includes buildable campfire, campfire base, and kindling.

Changes from the original: New kindling recipe 

Options Vanilla Campfire Recipes (On/Off)

Don't copy or reupload as your own!


Don't mix the separate crumbs with the addons they came with as it is kinda redundant.

Follow the instructions when listed on the new page.

Download Both the BP and RP of the one you want!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)



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