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Naruto Addon

Naruto Addon
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Naruto is the main character of an anime called Naruto Shippuden created by Masashi Kishimoto. This add-on adds Naruto to your world with special tactics and abilities to defeat it's enemies.


Damage: 90
Health: 8500


1.Shadow Clone:

He will summon clones around him to help him defeat his enemy.


2.Ultra Shadow clone:

He Will Summon so many clones more that the ordinary Shadow clone (This Skill is not included to the showcase video but it's added to the game).


Naruto Will Throw A rasenshuriken to his enemy and this is also his strongest and deadliest attack it will drag a nearby entity  and explode.

4.Kyuubi hands:

Naruto will summon two chakra hands on his back to help him kill the enemies. This ability has 400 damage.

Add-on Showcase:


Turn On Experimental Gameplay



1.Give Credits To Creator When Creating any video in this add-on.
2.Do Not Reupload This Add-on in any websites!!


Click The "Download Add-on Here" Button
Then it will go directly to MediaFire
And Click Download



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