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The Jungle Expansion Addon

The Jungle Expansion Addon
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Welcome to the Jungle! I am once again porting more Minecraft Dungeons content to Minecraft and this time it is all about the Jungle Awakens DLC that was introduced last year. Now the Jungle is more alive than ever.


Jungle Zombie

The Jungle Zombie attacks the same as a regular zombie but inflicts poison.
Behaves like a regular zombie
Jungle Zombie - 20

Mossy Skeleton

The Mossy Skeleton attacks the same as a regular skeleton but its arrows inflict poison.
Behaves like a regular skeleton
Mossy Skeleton - 20


The Whisperer has three main attacks. It either summons quick-growing vines, poison quill vines, or entanglement vines that trap the player. The Whisperer can also do melee damage.
Unlike other mobs, the Whisperer moves very differently as it uses its arm and legs. Similar to a monkey
Whisperer  - 20


The Leapleaf has 2 attacks. If close enough it will charge and leap at you doing a lot of damage, it can also perform a simple melee attack.
The Leapleaf is the only mob in this addon to have a resting function. I noticed this in it one of its animations and decided to add it
Leapleaf - 30


Quick-Growing Vine 
This is the only vine entity that can spawn naturally.
It can rise out of the ground and block your path
Poison Quill Vine 
Can only be summoned by the Whisperer
Can shoot poison quill at its target
Quick-Growing Vine - 16
Poison Quill Vine - 25

Jungle Abomination

The Jungle Abomination has three attacks. For its main attack, if you are too close, it will smash its villager statue down dealing tons of damage. Its second attack, "The Call of the Jungle" will summon either 4 Whisperers or 2 Leapleafs. Its final attack is a vine attack where it will reach its arm in the ground causing more vines to grow from the ground dealing damage to the player.
The Jungle Abomination can be summoned if a ruby is taken from the Oakwood Temple or the Sun Room. If the abomination takes too much damage it will become stunned and fall to the ground.
Jungle Abomination - 700

Items and Armors

Vine Whip

The Vine Whip can be obtained by killing the Jungle Abomination


The ruby has no purpose other than decoration, similar to the dragon egg.

Ocelot Armor

The Ocelot Armor is split into a helmet, chestplate, and leggings. Each armor piece is hidden in Jungle Resides
When you have collected and worn all of the armor pieces you will be granted a little more speed.
Scares away creepers when wearing all armor pieces


The Jungle biome has had a complete overhaul. Just like in Minecraft Dungeons there are tons of new things to look at


Jungle Resides
Jungle Resides are semi-rare structures that contain a certain puzzle, they come in three forms - Undead Jungle Reside, Leaf Jungle Reside, and Trapped Jungle Reside.
You can find pieces of the Ocelot Armor set hidden in these.
Oakwood Temple/Sun Room
Within the Oakwood Temple lies a ruby. However it's protector does not like visitors. The Sun Room, a more accurate arena to the ones in dungeons, can replaced the Oakwood Temple if your device cannot handle it.


If your on a mobile device or a device that can't run up to 12 "simulation distance" chunks turn the addon settings to "Sun Room"
Dry bones
These bone block fossils spawn in similar to regular bone blocks


If you are in creative you can type "/function blocks" to get all the blocks added
All the crafting recipes:
To obtain dirty stone tiles you can right click on regular stone tiles with "Eroded Soil" to dirty them and right click with a hoe to change it back.
Smooth andesite can be made by placing jungle stone in a stonecutter (I know it doesn't make sense it's just the only one that works)
If you place smooth andesite in a stonecutter you can make its other variants
If you place a gold block in a stonecutter you can make cut gold

Make sure these options are when creating your world.

Please do not steal and republish this addon :)


  1. Download Add-on 
  2. Activate it when creating a world (Behavior packs tab)
  3. Make sure you are in 1.16+ to turn on Creation of Custom Biomes and Holiday Creator Features
  4. Create the world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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