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Smeltable Raw Blocks

Smeltable Raw Blocks
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If you are playing on the 1.17 beta, you've heard about the blocks of raw ingots, that are made of raw ingots (obviously).
You try to smelt them, and you see that it doesn't work.
With this add-on, now it works!

This add-on adds the ability to melt the blocks of raw ores, thus adding the ability to transform the raw blocks into normal blocks without the need to turn into raw ingots so that you can then melt.
Smeltable Block of Raw Iron:
Note: For some unknown reason, the Block of Raw Iron is not being smelted, this will be fixed in another version.
Smeltable Block of Raw Gold:
Putting a Block of Raw Gold in a furnace (or a blast furnace) will turn it into a full Gold Block
Smeltable Block of Raw Copper:
Putting a Block of Raw Copper in a furnace (or a blast furnace) will turn it into a full Copper Block
Note: you need to activate these settings in order to the addon work!


  1. Open any of the links (none of the links have any kind of url shortener).
  2. Download it.
  3. Double-click to open (Windows 10)
  4. Tap to open (Android).
  5. Extract it (if .ZIP)
  6. Move to behavior pack folder (if .ZIP)
  7. Apply to your existing worlds, or to your newly created worlds.
  8. Enjoy!
Remember: You need to activate the "Caves and Cliffs" option to have the new blocks.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)



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