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Life of a Zombie Add-on (Mini-Update)

Life of a Zombie Add-on (Mini-Update)
Addons for Minecraft PE
Tired of playing minecraft over and over like steve? do you want a new challenge or something new to do in a new world of minecraft? Do not worry anymore, here I bring you the mod you need,live like a zombie in your new adventure

How does it work ?

It is relatively simple, now you play as a zombie, not as steve, that is to say that you have all the properties of a zombie, such as being able to burn yourself in the day or now not being attacked by a zombie or other monsters, but if you will be attacked by an iron golem or other mobs that attack zombies / monsters
-you burn with the sun
-You can protect yourself from the sun
-You can be at night without being afraid of being attacked by monsters
And finally you are obviously attacked by iron golems among others that attack zombie / monsters normally

Crusade members : 

Those of the crusade, they are totally opposite to the zombies, they came to this world to exterminate all the zombies of this world guess that YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!


The knight is a melee warrior who appears in the day, he can run very fast to get closer to you, but he is as weak as a normal zombie only with a sword.
Your loot will normally be iron or his sword
One of them killing a zombie 
His spawn egg



Rangers also appear during the day and are the opposite of skeletons, they attack from range with arrows and their loot are arrows or bows.

One of them killing a zombie 
His spawn egg

Fire mage

A new mob that appears in the desert, is a member of the crusade and as such has the mission of eradicating the zombies
(It will appear with less measure than the other members of the crusade)
Be careful when you approach him because he will attack you with fireballs that will burn you until you are simple dust.




A new item has been added to the brain game.
This will be dropped for the moment by members of the crusade with a drop percentage of 30%
This item will allow you to have zombies that will follow you until the end of their days.
Here I feed a zombie with the brain and here with a drowned
And now you can sit your pretty zombie :3 like a dog but better because is a zombie ( He is Pedro ) 
And here Pablo


Now you can be a drowned 
How do I become a drowning? simple just follow the next steps
Have a trident and water near to you 
Enter the water with the trident in hand and the magic will happen
Enjoy that you are a drowned, the advantage now is that you have 2 more hearts and now you can breathe underwater


Next update:

I will put new mobs that will attack the zombie player, such as magicians or new golems but I will have to use structures for it ^^

Futures updates?

At the moment I have to plan to add three things
1.- I already added some common mobs that are those of the crusade but I need more so soon I will add something more complicated mob
For the moment that's all.
You can see the progress in the next update, thank you very much for reading ^^


Just download, open it and install itself

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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