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WorldEdit (Updated!)

WorldEdit (Updated!)
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Why use WorldEdit?

The sole purpose of the WorldEdit Addon is to ease any builder's experience by adding way more easier building operations like:
• Fill Area (with Normal/Hollow/Outline modes)
• Clear Area
• Angled Walls
• Circle Generation (Radius: 1 → 100)(NEW!)
• Sphere Generation (Radius: 1 → 100)
The Addon also adds WorldPaint tools like the Brush and Eraser with 5 different sizes and 3 masking options. 
 (Masking options included in every operation too)

What's new!

In this update WorldEdit now has:
  • Better User Interface!
  • WorldEdit HOST can now be given to any player in multiplayer sessions. (Check the instructions book in-game)
  • WorldEdit no longer kicks players for trying to become host while owner is in world.
  • Circle generation! (Radius: 1 to 100)
  • New Circular(not spherical) brush type!
  • New Masking modes! (None, Keep Overwrite)
  • Reworked sphere generation
  • More detailed ERROR messages.

A Video showing what to expect from WorldEdit:

Setting Up WorldEdit:

  1. Download the addon from the MCPEDL website
            ( Choose between CornerUI or CenterUI as shown down below )
  1. Create/Edit world and activate the addon
  1. Activate "Holiday Creator Features"


You may:

  • Use this add-on in your worlds, just make sure you give credits!
  • Use this add-on in videos, just make sure to give credits!
You may NOT:
  • Take anything from this add-on and take credits for it. This add-on took months of work, so don't steal any part of it
  • Gain money off this add-on in any way, including using URL shorteners.
  • Use the direct link to this page if you are sharing a link to the add-on


Choose Between Corner And Center UI and download!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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