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Magic Energy Addon

Magic Energy Addon
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his is a great magic addon whose main feature is to add a new power system for minecraft bedrock, which is rife with magic energy, which is very complete, because it adds two swords, new super powers and also a wide variety of mobs. I invite you to read the description and then download this great addon !!
Let's start with the main thing in this addon and that is how this new power system is governed, because the basis of all this addon is ENERGY.
Energy is the base of the addon, because it is the first thing you must achieve to make the new magic crafting, its design is simple, it is a sky blue sphere, which has no other use than to serve for crafting everything. Related to the addon, the way to obtain it is simple, as it is achieved by eliminating enemies. But you will say, exactly, which enemies? Well, the first 5 mobs that this addon adds to us are the most basic, since they are the 5 classic minecraft vanilla enemies, that is, zombie, skeleton, creeper, spider and enderman, with the simple difference that their eyes will be shining by a blue light, which represents that these mobs are charged with energy, and when defeating these enemies they will drop you from 1 to 2 balls of energy.
Okay okay, we already have energy, the base of the addon, but now, what next? Very well, once we saw the first enemies that it adds and the energy balls, we find the fragments, which are as their name says, elemental fragments, which, when added with the energy balls, result in a fabulous power that you can use against your enemies, these fragments that are governed by 7 elements.
The elements of the fragments are:
Perfect, we already understand what fragments are, but now, how are they obtained? If you like to eliminate enemies to obtain energy then you will also like obtaining the fragments! Well, it is practically the same, DEFEAT ENEMIES!!! But this time, they are completely new enemies, we will see them next.
Fire beast:
Wind beast:
Posion beast:
Dirt beast:
Water beast:
Ice beast:
Dark beast:
The normal thing is that I focus on their health, their behavior, their damage when attacking, the biome in which they appear, etc. But the truth is, I want you to discover it when you play.
Once you get the fragments and the energy you can craft the power balls, which we will show and explain below.
Fire ball:
The fireball is one of the most powerful, because it causes great damage when contacting a beast, and in case of not touching it and hitting the floor or a wall, it will explode in a large radius and burn everything that is close.
I want to clarify that apart from here I will not show you the crafting, I will only show you when it is used, because the crafting is clearly seen in the image above with the example of the fireball, so let's continue.
water ball:
Wind ball:
Dirt ball:
Ice ball:
Posion ball:
Dark ball:
Perfect, powerful right? We find positions, slow effects, explosions, etc. But bro, we still need more, because okay, we already have powers, they are difficult to use, we need something else to defeat the enemies, and this is where we find the 2 swords that this addon adds.
Energy sword:
This sword is comparable with the iron sword, the most significant feature of this sword is that when you use it it adds more resistance.
Legendary sword:
This sword is resistant and powerful, its realization is complicated, because you need the energy sword and all the elemental energy balls, also including the primordial energy ball.
IMPORTANT You must follow this order.
Very well we have weapons and powers to arm ourselves to the teeth, but for what? What is the reason for equipping ourselves so much? BEWARE OF THE WITCHES or well, with the majority, let's talk about 5 new mobs which will be our main enemies, the beasts, in most cases they are hostile, but, they are not such a great threat, which if they are, are the stinky witches , they add 5 new elemental witches.
Fire witch:
This witch appears in any biome, but it is difficult to see, it is a strong and fearsome witch.
Ice witch:
This witch has a power comparable to that of the fire witch, but has the peculiarity that it appears only in icy biomes.
Posion witch:
This witch will be one of your favorites, I don't know if you like the design, but what you will love will be its greatest characteristic, this witch can be tamed, to tame her, you must give her pumpkin seeds, and she will follow you and defeat some enemies.
Wind witch:
Very well, of the 4 common witches, in my opinion this has the most powerful ability, because it will launch you to levitate through the skies, it is very dangerous.
Dark witch:

Where does the evil in this addon come from? From here, from the dark witch, which is a very powerful boss of the addon, you will really need help to defeat her.
As a bonus mob of the addon we find the trade man, whose function is that, to create trade in your world.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read the description, I hope you download the addon and like it !!


The instaltion is classic

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16



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