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Explosives Addon

Explosives Addon
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This short and small but complete addon adds 6 new types of explosives which are created with powder base, which as we know is obtainable by destroying the creepers, so apart from the tnt, we are adding these new explosives so that you have more diversity of use.
Well, now let's go on to describe the addon in a more comprehensive step, and as I mentioned earlier, 6 new explosives are added, each with its own distinctive features and crafts, so let's start with each one.
It is one of the easiest to obtain and therefore one of those with the least explosive potential, but it is the one with the most common design of a grenade.
Grenade M-24
This grenade is also easy to obtain, it has the characteristic that its design is very different from that of the normal grenade, it has a destructive power equivalent to the common grenade.
Molotov pump
This bomb in real life is known due to its relative ease to be made, in this case that rule is respected in the game, its characteristic is the little wave of fire that it causes when it explodes.
Time bomb
This is possibly the most powerful bomb of the entire addon, and by far, because apart from being the one that causes the most destruction, it generates fire around its explosion, which helps to eliminate enemy mobs.
its other characteristic is It takes 5 seconds to explode, hence its name, this time is to prevent it from exploding in your face !!
Blue bomb
This bomb has a nice design, and its main characteristic is that when it makes contact with a mob it gives it a poison effect.
Black bomb
This pump is a very powerful one, it does not have something that makes it as characteristic as the others, what is interesting is that it has great power and at the same time it is easy to get.
I hope you have fun and eliminate many enemy mobs with this addon, thank you very much !!!!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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