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Tameable Ender Dragon Addon

Tameable Ender Dragon Addon
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This pack allows the player to tame, ride and fly the biggest and strongest mob in the game...Ender Dragon. Once the dragon is tamed, you can fly it around the whole end (or can take it to other worlds using creative)

Video explanation:

(This video explains basic controls with the mod, written explanation below)

How to tame it:

To tame the dragon, you would require an golden apple (enchanted apple accepted as well) it is not sure that it will always get tamed in one apple, it might require 2-3 sometimes. when it is tamed successfully, it would no longer follow/ fly around the end by itself. (you need to control it and will not move unless you ride it so that you don't lose it when you are away)


How to Ride and Control it:

To ride the Ender Dragon [on mobile devices hold (unsure about it) ] and [on pc right click]. To control the movements of the dragon, you would require a bone, when you hold the bone by looking in any direction, the dragon moves in that direction. To move up, hold a blaze rod in your hand and the dragon would start to move up, to move down or land the dragon down, open up the dragon's inventory (that is normally opening the inventory when riding) and put the blaze rod in the given Special Slots (On the left side of the inventory marked with a saddle/horse icon) these special slots might get hidden because of the dragon, but still you can put the rod in it.
Note - remember to take the rod out before flying it again
Flying up using blaze rod:
Moving Forward/Left/Right/Back using bone:
Special Land down slot (Might get hidden behind the dragon sometimes) :


How to heal it:

Healing can be done using end crystals, place an obsidian and a end crystal upon it with the dragon near that crystal to automatically heal the dragon.


What special features does the dragon serve:

The dragon has a mini inventory, you can access it after you have tamed it in the game. I usually add extra special features to my mods/addons, but this time I couldn't...because the code of those other special features were not accepted by Minecraft for ender dragon.


Known Issue:

The dragon, when you fly it, flies by his tail side in the front, that means you are riding the dragon backwards. This problem cannot be fixed in the game because the flying animation of the dragon (which is by default set by Mojang) is backwards and can only be corrected by them.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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