End Plus

End Plus
Addons for Minecraft PE
Addon   adds a variety of content to the dimension of The end, such as new and powerful ores, new decoration blocks, new functional items and also new mobs, like.

The end's surface is completely redesigned, adding mobs, ores and new blocks.

Lottus Fruit is a variant of Chorus Fruit, it is generated as ore on every floor of The end, it can be eaten or even roasted, Its blocks have a greenish tone and are only decorative.

Added items, endermite pearl, lucker shell, void tear and shulker shard
With 4 endermite pearl You get an enderpearl.
Lucker mob, a dangerous greenish mob, throws projectiles similar to the dragon, Its bark can be used to generate ender chest.
Shulker Guard, An aggressive mob that generates in the endcity.
its loot ranges from arrow, shulker shard.
Shulker Shard is used to make a shulker helmet or even a shulker shell.
The void tear is a Transmutation item, it transmits blocks into other blocks
You start with cobblestone, put 8 with 1 tear in the middle of the recipe, And you will see the magic happen.
Corrupted Stone, a Black Purple stone that generates on the surface of the end, just decorative.
You can make bricks to bake, Stone brick, fences and even polish.

Pearlstone, also generates on the entire surface of the end, serves for both decoration or even crafting the portal end.
Bake the pearlstone and get the smooth pearlstone.
Sand from the end, generates throughout the end, serves either to make your glass or even to make endstones.
End Debris, a powerful ore, found under the islands of The end, With end Debris you can create Enderite, make your armor and tools, be more powerful than anyone.
Corrupted Iron a strong ore, its armor is as strong as one of ordinary iron, it can only make swords and axes.
Lazuli ingot pencils, generate reasonable armor, with built-in night vision, does not contain tools.
Shulker Helmet, helmet that allows you to fly with the power of levitation.

Corrupted table, is used to create the tools of enteritis. Join diamond with. Enderite bars on this table and shazam.
End cow and enderlin.
End cow is a great mob, food source for both us and shulker guards.
Enderlin, passive mob if not attacked, currently has no trade, but in the future he will be fascinated with ingot lapis.

End strider, Can be tamed and reproduced with Chorus Fruit.

End Lamp and lottus Lantern are the only lighting blocks of the addon.
Some crafting !!.


Link Mediafire.

Supported Minecraft versions

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