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Warped Origins Addon

Warped Origins Addon
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The Origins Addon lets you choose between 9 origins (including human) to start the game off with. The 8 ones I have made are: Miner, Floater, Treeborn, Merleon, Golem, Phantom, Squidling, Iceborn
Here are all of the buffs and debuffs for each origin,
Miner Origin: 
+Spawns with an iron pickaxe with some enchantments
+When mining gold and iron you get 2 ingots instead of the ore
+Has Haste
-Weakness and Nausea in water
Floater Origin:
+Has jump boost and slow falling
+Conduit Effect
+Floats upwards when on gold block
-Weakness and nausea when in lava or fire
Treeborn Origin:
+Night Vision
+Strength on grass and oak logs
-Slowness in water and on ice
-Mining fatigue on some nether blocks
-Weakness in fire and lava
Merleon Origin:
+Can breathe underwater
+Spawns with a trident that has some enchants
+Speed and haste underwater
+Strength, Speed, and Resistance on Ice
-Weakness, Slowness, and Hunger on land
-Mining Fatigue on netherrack
-Weakness in lava and on fire
Golem Origin:
+Spawns with a knockback iron sword and an iron chestplate
+Hero of the village
-Weakness in water
-Blindness on ice
Phantom Origin:
+No fall damage
+Invisibility on glass
+Jump boost
+Night Vision
-Weakness in water
Squidling Origin:
+Night Vision
+Can breathe underwater
+Blindness to players close by when on a coal block
-Hunger on land
Iceborn Origin:
+Player has the frost walker ability
+Resistance on ice
-Slowness and hunger on sand
-Strength on snow
-Fatal poison on netherrack

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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