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Emerald Tools & Armor Add-on

Emerald Tools & Armor Add-on
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Minecraft has been lacking something for game for a while. They have tried to replace it with netherite, but it's not the same. Of course, I am talking about emerald stuff. Emeralds have been very lacking for a while. and I'm here to fix it.

Emerald Sword- 9 attack damage
Emerald Pickaxe - Mines way faster
Emerald Shovel - Digs way faster
Emerald Axe - Chops way faster
Emerald Hoe - Just a hoe
Emerald Armor - Stronger, and Better
All the crafting recipes are the same as the normal version just with emeralds.
Durability is more than diamond or netherite.
Any problems leave a comment.
Any suggestions leave a comment.
Hope you have a nice day:)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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