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Disabled TAW (Disabled Tools/Armor/Weapons Crafting)

Disabled TAW (Disabled Tools/Armor/Weapons Crafting)
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This is an updated version of an old addon I created a couple years ago that disables the ability to craft tools, armor and weapons. (Doesn't currently work for woodened tools)

This addon is a simple addon that disables the crafting of tools, weapons and armor. Originally it was made for my addon that completely changed the trading system forcing you to use the new trades to survive. Now it is back and updated for the nether update so map creators, server owners, or even those of you that just want a challenge can use it.
The difference from the previous version is that it doesn't replace the recipes to make them completely uncraftable. Instead it completely removes them from the game.
In the future I might separate the addon into three parts so each part can be toggled on and off if enough people request it. I also plan to add compatibility patches for other addons that add new items (such as my current project.)
The addon was coded in less than an hour so their may be a few things I missed (I already know the wood tools are still there, but I tried.) If you find any bugs or need support join my official discord and I will help you out.


To install just download the file provided. When downloaded find it and double click on it. Minecraft should launch and you should see it download.
This mod doesn't add much so it should work fine without any experimental features enabled.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100



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