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Marcraft BE
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Marcraft BE is an furniture pack for Minecraft. This pack contains daybeds, side tables, blankets, shelf units, shelf boxes, cabinets, campfires, log benches, chimneys, water jugs, and a tray rack. All furniture items (except blankets, water jugs, campfire, chimney, and tray rack) are all in 6 different wood types. Blankets however have 16 colors.
You should expect a CIM driven addon, (Custom Item Model) These will only be accessible (for now) with the function command. Furniture-wise you should expect rustic furniture.
Marcraft 1.0.1 items: 
Marcraft 1.0.2 items: 
Marcraft 1.0.3 items: 
To use this you have to use the function command. For example /function daybed_oak, would give you the daybed oak variant. In the future you could get full sets with the function command. 
(Update 1.0.2:) use /(object)all for all variations of a certain object, (except blankets).
It is suggested you use this alongside Ghoulcraft BE, and the Market Place Mizuno Pack
Requires Minecraft version 1.16.200+
All models are made by Mar
Textures are from the Ghoulcraft BE vanilla archive (free to use)
It is suggested this be used on a high end device
- Please don’t redistribute this to any other website
- Please don’t claim these models as your own
- Please don’t link the media file when crediting
Credit me either by linking this MCPEDL link, or the Marcraft Youtube Video.
Copy and Paste:
Marcraft by Mar (Current Marcraft video link) & (MCPEDL Link)


Just download normally, make sure to delete Marcraft 1.0.1, and 1.0.2 before downloading. Don’t mind the invalid zip error, that’s just the read me text, just wait.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.200



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