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Five Nights At Freddy's Help Wanted [Addon]

Five Nights At Freddy's Help Wanted [Addon]
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Hello Everyone and Welcome finally to the full release of Adam Taylor’s Fnaf Help Wanted addon! In this addon it contains all of the characters that are present in the game fnaf help wanted by Steel Wool studios and Scott Cawthon. It also contains special ‘test animations’ so you can pose all the animatronics and plushies with some secrets and hints to some characters and youtubers.
Without further explanation, let’s get straight into everything you can expect to find inside the addon!

There are so many new mobs in this addon it is insane! There are over 30 new and unique characters that Adam Taylor has modelled and animated into minecraft. (Disclaimer, they are of coarse the help wanted versions of the animatronics so they might look different to the original cast your used too)
These are all the characters that are in this addon:
Freddy Fazbear,
Bonnie The Bunny,
Chica The Chicken,
Foxy The Pirate Fox,
Toy Freddy,
Toy Bonnie, 
Toy Chica,
Balloon Boy,
Withered Freddy,
Withered Bonnie,
Withered Chica,
Withered Foxy,
Phantom Freddy,
Phantom Foxy,
Phantom Balloon Boy,
Phantom Mangle,
Nightmare Freddy,
Nightmare Bonnie,
Nightmare Chica,
Nightmare Foxy,
Nightmare Fredbear,
Jack O Bonnie,
Jack O Chica,
Nightmare Balloon Boy
Circus Baby,
Funtime Freddy,
Funtime Foxy,
Scrap plushbaby,
Grim Foxy,
Giant version of Dreadbear,
Bonus characters:
Captain Foxy,
Adam Taylor.
(All of these characters and mobs have:
Health: 200
Attack Damage: 20)
All of these characters have their own unique animations and behaviours. Example: Freddy is average speed and Foxy is really fast.
There are also what are called ‘Showtimes.’ These are separate spawn eggs of the animatronics that don’t walk around and instead perform on stage.
These are all the characters that have a showtimes:
Showtime Freddy Fazbear,
Showtime Bonnie The Bunny,
Showtime Chica The Chicken,
Showtime Foxy The Pirate,
Showtime Toy Freddy,
Showtime Toy Bonnie,
Showtime Toy Chica,
Showtime Puppet,
Showtime Withered Freddy,
Showtime Circus Baby,
Showtime Funtime Freddy,
Showtime Funtime Foxy.
(These are all great additions if you want to make a restaurant and have the animatronics performing on stage)
In the addon there are also Plushies! These plushies contain fnaf plushies and youtuber plushies! The plushies included in this addon are:
Freddy Fazbear Plush,
Bonnie The Bunny Plush,
Chica The Chicken Plush,
Foxy The Pirate Plush,
Golden Freddy Plush,
Revival 125 Plush,
Whisper 050 Plush.
Finally in the addon we have what are called test animations.
These are like armour stands but instead of armour stands they are the animationics and you can pose all of them. Yes that’s right, every animatronic has a separate spawn egg for test animations with poses unique to that character and their personality! Have fun everyone!
And of course, All Rights Go to their respected owners:
Fnaf owned by Scott Cawthon,
Fnaf help wanted by Steel Wool Studios and Scott Cawthon,
(Also got permission from the youtubers to put their plushies in the addon. (Revival 125, Whisper 050)).
Creator notes:
Thank you all for the support During creating this addon, you helped give so much motivation and I am so happy you all enjoyed it. I really hope you have fun with the addon because the release is here.
(Credit: Whisper 050 - Helped write this description)


To install the mod there are two links. When you click on the links to download both packs, it will take you to a mediafire link. Download the pack from the mediafire link and then when it is done port it to your mc and you are all set!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16
  • 1.15 (beta)
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10



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