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Have you ever wanted more weapons in Minecraft? Have you ever wanted another mod like tinkers legacy? Have you ever wanted at least emerald weapons or overpowered weapons? Well, this mod’s for you! 
This mod adds crates that you can make into weapons. Here’s everything in the mod.
This is the empty case and how to craft it. This is used to make everything else in this AddOn.
This is used to craft the Diamond Case.
Here are some weapons you can use to fight with. To get these weapons, you must put the block in a stonecutter and pick the weapon you want to make. This is the one other one that is survival friendly.
The next one is the emerald case. This is the other survival friendly case. Here’s how to craft it.
Here are some weapons you can make with it.
This next one is the ruby case. Here’s how to craft this one.
The weapons for this case look like this:
The last two are sapphire and amethyst. Here’s how to craft them and their weapons.
I hope you will enjoy this mod. It took so long to make so I hope you will download it. Thanks for reading! Happy building, crafters!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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