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More Natural Armors

More Natural Armors
Addons for Minecraft PE
In this addon, 5 new armors are added with materials which are not very useful, an example of this is the rotten meat armor or the nautilus shell.
If you are interested in knowing more about this little addon, continue reading!
Cool!! You continue reading, so let's continue with the explanation of this addon.
It is important to emphasize that each helmet has a special ability and this will be mentioned when we talk about each one.
We also want to comment that the elaboration of these armors is like that of any of minecraft vanilla.

With nothing to add for the moment let's continue with the first armor !!
Bones Armor
The armor of bones is one of the most resistant of the addon, as it has characteristics similar to the iron armor!  The most outstanding feature of this armor is undoubtedly its helmet and not only for the effect it generates but it is the helmet with the most eccentric design because it looks like a real skull !!
The ability that the bone helmet gives us is resistance, which aims to reduce the damage of enemy mobs, which makes this armor even more resistant.
Rotten Flesh Armor
This armor is one of the most special, because it fully represents the idea of ​​the creation of this addon, whose objective was to give a clear objective to elements of minecraft vanilla that do not have it, and so it happens with this armor, because rotten flesh does not No real use, but thanks to this addon you will already have it clear, apart from that its design is exceptional !!
The effect that the helmet of this armor gives you is that of night vision.
Nautilus Shell Armor
Many times we meet sea zombies during our journey through the survival world, but when eliminating them, it is unlikely that they will drop their weapon, on the contrary, it is certainly common that they give us nautilus shells, but ... let's be honest, really Its use is very limited, which leaves us with an article that is not so useful, because of this, it is that this armor will add a new use, and a real good reason to kill sea zombies.
It is important to emphasize that it has a resistance comparable to that of bone armor, that is, it is one of the most resistant armor of this addon, of course it is also a great design and the effect that its helmet gives us is that of water breathing.
Sapling Armor
This armor will be your great ally at the beginning of the survival game, because its obtaining is extremely simple, it is done with only oak sapling, that's right, the original sapling that you find in the most common tree in the game, great isn't it? But this is not over yet, its easy to obtain makes it perhaps one of the first objectives that you must set in the game, but let me tell you that this is just beginning, because following the idea that it is an armor made mainly for the beginning of the game for its Obtaining, believe me that when you know his ability you will reinforce this.
That's right, after seeing the image I'm sure you understand the effect, it gives you the invisibility effect II this is great for the beginning of a difficult survival since if your goal is not to die in the first nights, the invisibility and the concept Of this armor which is camouflage, it will make the enemies not attack you so easily.
Rabbit Armor
This armor is very special for me, because it was the first addon I created, that's right, alone, but now I bring it along with 4 new armor, and to close this concept of various armor, I decided to include it, the realization is simple, just use rabbit fur, which is dropped by cute bunnies.
The effect that this armor gives you is my favorite, it gives you the super jump effect, well, we are talking about a rabbit, I think the effect is very good, in any case, I hope the armor design is also to your liking.
With nothing else to add about the addon, I can only thank you totally for taking the time to read it, and believe me it would fill me with happiness that you will enjoy the addon in your next survival world, greetings!


The installation of this addon is the classic one, you import both packages.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101
  • 1.16



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