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Minerals Addon (Bad and Good Update!)

Minerals Addon (Bad and Good Update!)
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This  mod add a new ore types in your world, ruby, jade, amber and the ancient fossils! More powerful new weapons, staves and many interesting things will be added, I hope you enjoy it:)
As I said, new types of ore, or rather precious stones, will be added. These are rubies, jade and amber. I'll tell you about the fossils later. First I'll tell you about the jade. Jade-it will be found in the world most of all. From jade, you can only make a slayer and decorative blocks, as well as an Apple that gives jumping power for 30 seconds.
  • There is also a Magma Apple, it will give you fire resistance for 10 minutes, just surround the Apple with fireballs in the workbench
Rubies are next in line, Ruby is a new second type of ore, from it, like from other ores, you can make armor and tools from it, as well as blocks. It is also used in other crafts.
I will note that for Crafting ruby tools, you need a gold ingot, and for armor, except for pants, a diamond.
Now let's talk about amber, it is already impossible to make armor and tools from it. But after processing it on a Grinding table, you can get an ancient bone. The bones are used to make armor and tools, the armor is not very strong, but with a great resistance to being thrown away.
What kind of Grinding Table is this?, you may ask. I will say that this is a new type of workbench that adds a new stone mining mechanic. Now the rubies, jade, and amber drop Unprocessed Crystals that need to be processed on this table.
And now I'll tell you about the fossils. They will rarely appear underground at a height of Y: 5, 10. Just get it with a pickaxe will not work, you need a special item-a Gold brush. The strength of this item is extremely small, but only with its help can you extract a fossil.(can't be fixed) With a chance, a piece of shell can drop out of the block, eight pieces can be made into a petrified nautilus, it needs to be sanded on the table, and you will get a nautilus shell. The brush is made of gold ingot and strings, once again I repeat IT CAN NOT BE REPAIRED.
Finally, we are done with the stones, now let's talk about magic, or rather STAFFS. Staffs have different abilities, but you need a magic Crystal to create them. It is created from jade, emeralds, and a single diamond.
The staff of the storm, hits the nearest mob with lightning. It is made of three diamonds, one jade, and a magic crystal.
The staff of darkness, bites with its jaws and dries the nearest mob. It is made from three netherite scraps, a totem, and a magic crystal
The staff of the wind, simply raises the mobs high into the sky. It is made of three feathers, a diamond and a magic crystal.
Staff of Fire, fires fireballs. It is made of two blocks of amber, two powders of fire and a magic crystal
Ender Staff, teleports the player seven blocks ahead.It is made of three Shulker shells, an ender crystal, and a magic crystal.
The Water Staff, gives the player underwater breathing for ten minutes.  It is made from the heart of the sea, three prismarine shards, and a magic crystal.
The Staff of Souls, Steals animal souls, made from three souls, a diamond block, and a magic crystal.
And now, something truly powerful and powerful is the DRAGON SWORD and TRIDENT OF THE THREE WORLDS. The first will be the Trident, a fairly expensive craft, but it's worth it. Two blocks of netherite, two blaze rods, and a Ruby. The ability of this weapon is very strong to drain the nearest mob, damage-40. The most expensive thing is the dragon sword, for it you need to get the souls of the bosses, which are made on the new workbench of the universe. The dragon soul is made from dragon breath, dragon egg, and end crystals. The Vither soul is created from the soil of souls, lost souls, and the Nether star. The soul of the sun is made of amber, gold blocks and a fireball. Combine them with two netherite blocks and two nether stars, you will get a sword that deals 200 damage, and shoots dragon charges.
Now it's the turn of the soul staff, a new mechanic for recreating mobs, using it on a mob, you will take his soul. On the universal workbench, the soul can be transformed into a summoning egg. List of mobs: cow, sheep, bee, chicken, pig, rabbit, horse, and villager. For a resident, you need an item called mind. Some mobs will drop special items to create mobs. These are Bee fluff, pig skin, and horse meat.
The pig summoning egg is made from pork, bones, pig skin, and soul.
A chicken summoning egg is made from chicken meat, bones, feathers, and soul.
Cow Summoning Egg made of Beef, Bone, Single Skin and Soul
A rabbit summoning egg made of rabbit meat, bones, one rabbit skin, and a soul.
A sheep summoning egg made of mutton, bone, single wool, and soul.
A bee summoning egg made of fluff, bones, and soul.
Horse Summoning Egg Made of Leather, Horse Meat and Bone with Soul.
Mind item recipe:
I also added shroomlight fruit, which can be fried. It's just a new food source in hell. It is made from a single shroomlight block.
Bamboo can now be used to make a block, three strings, and six bamboos. You can also use slabs with steps and torches. By melting the sand shower in the furnace you will get an animated soul glass
This is now the strongest and most expensive material that is in the game. In real life, graphene is a modification of carbon, in the game it is partly the same.
First you need to make a new kind of workbench-a press. To create it, you need iron, an anvil, and a netherite ingot. The press also has a 3d model:)
(Old model on this picture)
Now we proceed to the creation of graphene, you will need eight diamond blocks and one block of coal.
Now let's make the armor or tools we need: a non-cherite version of the item and two graphenes. Open the press, and craft the item that we want. You can also make a block from graphene, now it is the most expensive. Graphene set strength of 1500 units and absolute drop protection
Other: there was a nerf of items from the mod. 
* Dragon Sword deals 70 damage points
* Trident deals 30 damage points
* The strength of the ruby set is now 150 units.
* The strength of the bone set is 70 units.
New textures in 1.0.7:
Why did I call this update Good and Bad? I will say that my mod has completely migrated to minecraft 1.17. I did this because release 1.17 is coming soon, and I decided to completely rewrite the code for generating ores, as well as a new type of geode.
So, let's move on to the innovations:
First: jade is now a completely new type of crystal, which is generated like amethysts, i.e. GEODES(picture on the preview)
second: added blocks of raw crystals, for more compact storage
Updated the generation of ores, i.e. amber, ruby and fossil. 
new textures of carved jade. Now the jade crystals are 2D, like amethyst.
Jade geodes consist of three layers, oddly enough. The first (outer) one consists of a new block-smooth cobblestone. The second(medium) is made of vanilla calcite. The third (inner) is made of jade blocks and budding jades(crystals grow on them, there are no growth stages yet)


New textures of:
All versions of Mineral

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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