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Blessed by The Apple

Blessed by The Apple
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Make apples more useful with the blessing of the holy water!!. This addon adds four new apples that when eaten, instantly gives you a set of gear depending on the apple you have.
Have you ever thought that golden apples are boring? Are you stranded and in need of a new gear? Or do want to surprise your enemy with a sick grant entrance? Fear not as this addon grants four apples that grants you a full set of gears depending on what apple you ate 
Blessed Beef Apple 
Grants a full leather armor set and a wooden sword. 
Blessed Iron Apple 
Grants a full iron armor set, an iron sword and a shield. 
Blessed Diamond Apple 
Grants a full diamond armor set, a diamond sword and a shield 
Blessed Netherite Apple 
The most op one.
Grants a full netherite armor set, a netherite sword and a Totem of undying.
To craft them, you need a special item:
The Holy water

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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