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Nuclear Pasta Add-On

Nuclear Pasta Add-On
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Want a OP ingots and bexome the most powerful thing in the universe and be unhurtable? Or more ores just to more variety?If that is the case this is you addon 
Nuclear pasta is the strongest material of all of the universe, and now it will be the strongest in Minecraft.
Nuclear pasta ore can be found at the nether.

Galactic ore can be found in the end

You can make Nuclear pasta with a furnance

You can make tha Galactic ingot with a furnance

You can make a Nuclear Pasta block 
You can make a Space sword

You need: 2 Nuclear pasta blocks, 4 Nuclear pastas, and 2 Galactic ingot
You can enchant the Space sword

When you are done you will have a infinity damage sword, but it will say +1006 or something like that. You will kill every mob with one hit.
Dark matter ore can be found on the end
Dark matter can made with a crafting table
Oil can be found in the overworld and seashell ore can be found in the desert, swamp, and oceans.   (Later i will put a photo here)
You can make the Galactic armor like this
In future updates I will add more things like armor and orher materials and maybe name this addon Space ores or something like that.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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