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Resident Evil Addon

Resident Evil Addon
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Are you a fan of Resident Evil? If yes this is the perfect addon for you! This addon includes new entities! Like police, military, Hunk, zombie and many more! Come and join the battle and save the humanity from zombies!


  • Police with pistol-have low damage and slow attack speed
  • Police with shotgun-slow but high damage in near distance and low damage in long range
  • Swat with shotgun-like police with shotgun but have a higher health
  • Swat with rifle-very fast speed attack in long range but low damage
  • Marine-Marines have high damage and can self regen and have high health
  • Hunk-just like Marines
  • Normal zombie-slow and have lowdamage
  • Hackeru-is a half zombie half human that kills everything except for the players


  • Umbrella corporation humvee-undriveable and have machinegunner
  • Police car-driveable players can ride and have only 1 seat
  • Marine truck-undriveable but marines can ride it


  • m4a1-have 30 rounds
  • m249-have 100 rounds


First download Zarchiver then extract it then copy paste the RE behavior and resource to games/com.mojang/resource pace-behavior pack
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Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.6



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