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Simple End Update [Alpha V0.5]

Simple End Update [Alpha V0.5]
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TURN ON ALL EXPERIMENT OPTIONS (the caves & cliffs option is optional) FOR THIS ADDON TO WORK

Note: this is my first addon so expect some bugs.
Note 2: please DO NOT use any texture pack (except for shaders) with this addon. and don't put this addon in your already existing survival worlds. 
Have you ever wanted an end update?
Well, this addon is for you!
This addon introduces Ender Gem, Ender Substance, Ender Weaponry (bow, sword and armor) Ender Mobs (bee, cow and chicken) and more!

This is a very simple end update (it's also in alpha so there is not that much stuff)
This add-on introduces:
A new tree: Ender Tree!
Three new mobs:
Ender Bee!
This is a very humble bee that drops ender pearls! 
Ender Chicken!
This is a not so tasty looking chicken that will occasionally drop Ender Pearls and Ender Meat!
Ender Cow!
This is an Ender Cow, it can drop Ender Meat and Ender Pearls!
New Items! 
Ender Gem and Ender Substance 
These are one of the most important items in this addon. if not the most important! they are the main sources for items like the Ender Sword. 
Ender Sword 
as you can see, this sword is stronger than Netherite! it deals 10 attack damage instead of 8!
Ender Bow
This bow doesn't make sense at all. when you craft it using the recipe above, it gives you 64 bows instead of 1! and instead of using arrows it uses... it self? 
Ender Armor
This new armor doesn't look as good as Netherite Armor, but at least it's strong! 
the recipe is the same as the others, just with Ender Gem
known issues:
the three new mobs not being able to spawn naturally.
the new ore not being able to spawn naturally.
occasionally, you will spawn in random places in the end(or the end city).

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10



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