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Man-Made Structures V1 (70+ Structures)

Man-Made Structures V1 (70+ Structures)
Addons for Minecraft PE
Man-Made Structures adds new Structures that are made from the past. Most of the structures current have been worn down from the test of times. Although this there is always exciting loot to go after! The loot comes with danger though. Vases and Chests make sure exploring will benefit you!

Strays too

Starting off

New Blocks & Items


Vases are items that spawn within the new structures around the world!

Clay Vases (Found in Most Biomes)

There are cracked Variants that also drop bricks!

Mossy Vases (Found in Jungles & Swamps)

Sandstone Vases (Deserts)

Red Sandstone Vases(Mesas/Badlands)

Similar to Sandstone Vase loot

Creaky Oak & Crumbly Sandstone

When stepped on they will break and drop their variant item!


The campfire recipe has been removed! Now you have to build your own!

Start off by crafting the Campfire base

Make sure to put it in the bottom left corner IN A CRAFTING TABLE!

Add Logs till there's 4

On the 4 piles of logs put kindling!


Kindling Recipe

(For Natural Structure Users)

Light with a torch and a normal campfire!



Bone pile (Drops Bones)

Ancient Statue (Creeper Relic?)

Structures V1


Swamps (Witch Themed 5 Variants)


Roofed Forests (5 Variants)

Spawn with cave spiders

Spruce (5 Variants) Strays too

Desert(Spawns with Husks)


Pyramids! (Small, Medium, Large)

Jungle (5 Variants)

And a lot more including Birch Oak and many things in between


Turn on Experimental Mode, Biome Creation does not have to be on.
Make sure both RP and BP are downloaded and Turned on!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16



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