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Project NEXT

Project NEXT
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This is Project NEXT, a Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition Addon that aims to expand and add to the game. This addon is regularly updated, so check back often! Version 1.1 is out now! 

Version 1.1-The Crafting Update is out now! This update adds a grand total of 27 new crafting recipes and 4 new items! Some of the biggest crafting recipes are for elytra, the trident, and horse armor! Watch the trailer below!

Many of the recipes are unpackables. For example, you can now craft 4 string with one wool. One cobweb can be crafted into 9 string, and 9 string can be crafted into one cobweb. A brown/red mushroom block can be crafted with 4 brown/red mushrooms, and 4 brown/red mushrooms can be crafted with one brown/red mushroom.
There are also some new items introduced in The Crafting Update, such as the Prismarine stick, which is used to craft the trident, or Ironized Reinforced Phantom Membrane, which you craft elytra with. Crying Obsidian also receives a recipe, which uses the Purple Ghast Tear.

Version 1.0.2 adds Netherite Ore! Netherite Ore is an easier way to get Netherite Ingots. They are found in the Nether Wastes and the Soul Sand Valley. They are rarer than Ancient Debris, however, they have a 100% chance of dropping a Netherite Ingot. Here is what Netherite Ore looks like:
Comparison of Netherrack to Netherite Ore:
Version 1.0.0 adds Rubies! This addon includes ruby armor, tools, and a ruby block. It also includes Ruby Ore, which generates naturally. Ruby comes in better than iron, but worse than diamond. Ruby Ore and the Ruby block also give out light and have a very high explosion resistance.
Ruby Ore is found between y levels 0 and 64. Ruby ore, however, only has a 50% chance of dropping a ruby, so it's about luck! Here is a picture of the Ruby Ore Generation:
The Ruby Block looks like this:
And can be crafted like this:
The Ruby Sword has 750 durability and does 7 damage. It can be crafted like this:
The Ruby Pickaxe also has 750 durability, and can be crafted like this:
The Ruby Axe can be crafted like so:
The Ruby Hoe:
And the Ruby Shovel:
Ruby Armor is made in this order:


Step One A: If you are on Windows 10, watch this video: 
Step One B: If you are on iOS/Apple, watch this video:
Step One C: If you are on android, click the file. When it is finished downloading, open the file. It will open in Minecraft.
Step Two: Watch this video. If this is your first time downloading the addon, skip to 21:37. If you already have the addon and are updating, skip to 17:47.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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