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Moondrop: Food!

Moondrop: Food!
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Moondrop Craft is an addon for Minecraft. which adds new Food decorative items to make your Minecraft more cute and aesthetic.
this pack contains bread, cakes, condiments and many more!

  • Moondrop Craft is an addon for Minecraft BE which adds new Food blocks and items to use into your world as decorations!
Moondrop Craft is a CIM addon (Custom Item Model).
You can get these items through /Function commands.
These blocks cannot be interacted with and are for aesthetic use only.
▪ Requires Minecraft v1.16.200+ to run
▪ Turn on experimental gameplay & cheats
▪ Enable both Resource & Behavior pack
  • You can get them through "/Function commands"!
  • Example : /Function [name of item]
  • You can also do : "/Function [name of item]_all" to get all variations of a certain object.
You can check the Catalog to see the list of all items
MoondropCraft Catalog
If you want to review this Addon
 Credit by linking this MCPEDL link, or my Moondrop Craft Youtube Video.
Moondrop TOU (Terms of Use)
this Add-on was inspired by "MizunosGhoulcraftCocricot, and Hananacraft"
  • Ghoulcraft 
  • Mizunos16 craft
  • Cocricot
  • Hananacraft

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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