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Mining Turtle Add-on

Mining Turtle Add-on
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Do you ever get tired of mining alone? You can set up the Mining Turtle to excavate a 3x3 hole in the ground, or you could also make the Mining Turtle dig a tunnel.

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Mining Turtle
To the right is the Mining Turtle, you can obtain the Mining Turtle by slaying a creeper, the creeper has a 50% chance of dropping the Mining Turtle.
To make the Mining Turtle Dig a tunnel, name it "mine" with a name tag in an anvil (with no parentheses) 
To make the Mining Turtle Excavate a 3x3 hole in the ground, name it "excavate" with a name tag in an anvil (with no parentheses as well)
Make sure to stop your Mining Turtle before it reaches Bedrock, it will break through it.
To stop your Mining Turtle kill it, It will drop itself that you can use to spawn it again.
The Mining Turtle will also drop a name tag which you could use to name it "excavate" or "mine" again.
To the left is the Evil Minion
The Evil Minion spawns in the world, you can tame the Evil Minion using bread, he will only follow you if you're holding bread.
The Evil Minion will collect the items that the Mining Turtle mines.
To access the Evil Minion inventory you need to tame it, to tame the Evil Minion you need to feed it bread, once you see the heart particles come out, then the Evil Minion is tamed.
The Evil Minion will also drop its spawn Egg when killed. You can also make it follow you back to your base by holding bread in your hand.


Just make sure, you turn on both the behavior and resource pack before joining your world.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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