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Bombs Party!

Bombs Party!
Addons for Minecraft PE

This add-on adds 6 new bombs!
And will add more!

This add-on adds the following elements.
Fire Bomb, 2x Bomb, 4x Bomb, 8x Bomb, 16x Bomb, and Nuke!
This is the first add-on that I am distributing. There may be some mistakes. If so, please let me know in the comments.

FireBomb(bekosan:fire_bomb) - (based on TNT) Explosive power: 1x, fuse length: 4 secs, causes flames
2x Bomb(bekosan:2xtnt)- Explosive power: 2x, fuse length: 6 secs
4x Bomb(bekosan:4xtnt) - Explosive power: 4x, fuse length: 8 secs
8x Bomb(bekosan:8xtnt) - Explosive power: 8x, fuse length: 10 secs
16x Bomb(bekosan:16xtnt) - Explosive power: 16x, fuse length: 12 secs
Nuke(bekosan:nuke) - Explosive power: 300x, fuse length: 30 secs, causes flames (Recommended to turn off tile drop)

Comparison of the scope of harm inflicted by a bomb

There appears to be no change in range after 8x. However, the range of damage done to the mob is increased.
You may think that Nuke has a small explosion range, but that is because the bomb was placed on the ground. To destroy the world more efficiently, place the Nuke underground. That way, the ground will be a sea of holes and fire.


Fire BombTNTFire charge
2x Bomb - 2 TNTs
4x Bomb - 4 TNTs or 2 2x Bombs
8x Bomb - 8 TNTs or 4 2x Bombs or 2 4x Bombs
16x Bomb - 8 2x Bombs or 4 4x Bombs or 2 8x Bombs
At the moment these are only available in commands, but we plan to make them available in inventory in a future update.
Due to technical limitations, add-on TNT will not detonate with explosions, but can only be detonated by using flint.

Never use it in your precious world!


Once you have downloaded the file, open it. If you can't, associate it with Minecraft.
Minecraft will launch and install automatically.


To enjoy this add-on, enable experiments option shown in the image!


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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