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IDs Star Wars Add-on (Beta) Door Update!

IDs Star Wars Add-on (Beta) Door Update!
Addons for Minecraft PE
First Star Wars Add-on with a faction system! Also contains 3d weapons and many mobs with high quality animations and also vehicles like Tie Fighters and AT-STs-(comming soon).
Made by ID9999

This is the first star wars addon with a fraction system and working 3d guns.
Also every model and animation has a very good animation quality.
Every entity is very powerfull (like they should) so you should wear a armor to not get killed with two shoots.
This addon contains:

-Death Trooper (+Commander )

-Shock Trooper

-Navy Trooper

-Patrol Trooper

-Scout Trooper

-Imperial Crew (2 types)

-Imperial Officers (different ranks)
-ID9999 (me XD)

-Rebell Trooper

-Rebell Trooper Commander

-Rebell Spy 
Vehicles (add later):
-Tie-Fighter (already added)

-X-Wing  (next)
-different tie fighters..
-Turbolaser Turret
-AT-ST (not added yet)
i wont make vehicles with „AI“ (i think i wont do…) because they dont move like they should and so it would look ugly
THE DOORS CURRENTLY WORK (but some have outdated models(i will change it next update))! 
-A280 blaster 
-E11 d Blaster (currently not working)
-E11 Blaster (also not working ): )   (all guns will be remade(: )                                       -different blocks (the interior light currently dont have a texture)
-Code cylinders (for opening doors)
-22 Different Imperial ranks (rebell maybe comming soon)
-Deathtrooper armor
-stormtrooper armor
if somone wants to help me with the addon please let me know.
Credits to Bendythedemon18 for let me use some of his codes.
Credits to RUSIAN MILITARY for allow me using there gun codes (guns will be added later)
You can see all credits in the Credits.txt file in the addon 
This Add-on is currently only in beta, so there could be some bugs…(if there should be some ,let me know in the comments)


I will update this soon...........
like i said you can see all short updates on my YouToube chanel.
Installation: link
2. do all tasks
3. download file
4. open all mcpack files with minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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