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Heisei Gamera Addon V1

Heisei Gamera Addon V1
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This addon adds 4 mobs to Minecraft PE/BE. This addon was based on Hesei Gamera Trilogy, ”Guardian of the universe”, “Attack of Legion”, and Revenge of Iris. 
Gamera is a Godzilla box office rivalry
If you’re a fan of Gamera and Minecraft PE/BE, this addon is for you.
Note: Gamera is Craftable(Not the villians, can be obtained in creative mode, The hitbox are big and would cause lag. Make sure to /gamerule domobspawning false to prevent the lag or use flat world to boost up the performance. Due to the program “Crafty Craft” the mob size.
Terms of Use
  1. If you’re gonna use this addon for your YT videos or your projects, remember to credit me using, MCPEDL Link or My YT Channel link.
  2. Do not use the addon‘s textures, and code without my permission if you want to learn the code.
  3. Do not repost/republish this addon without my permission

This addon has currently 4 mobs.
Health: 1000
Damage: 100
Effect: Wither
Protects players and villagers, can be tamed by using dried kelp. 
This Gamera model is based on Guardian of the Universe Gamera.
Health: 800
Damage: 100
(Attacks Players, Villagers, and Iron Golem)
Health: 900
Damage: 100
Effect: Weakness
(Attacks Players, Villagers, and Iron Golem)
Health: 1000
Damage: 100
Effect: Fatal Poision
(Attacks Players, Villagers, and Iron Golem)
This addon adds Items to this addon.
Radioactive Slime:
This item useful to craft radioactive chemical bucket
Empty Chemical Bucket:
This item useful for crafting radioactive chemical bucket
Radioactive Chemical Bucket
You can drink but gives you wither effect 30s
Empty Chemical Bucket:
Radioactive Slime:
Radioactive Chemical Bucket:

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.200



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