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Mimeticks Add-on

Mimeticks Add-on
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In celebration of the Eartcraft Update, some very unique creatures come to Minecraft from the depths.
Stone Mimetics will camouflage themselves with cave blocks, from stone blocks to minerals, in addition to taking measurements of the blocks they mimic.

What are Mimetics (Mimeticks)?

These are creatures (Mimeticks) that take the form of blocks from the natural environment to hide from the player, their predators or to surprise their prey, their ability to mimic blocks gives them similar characteristics, giving them invulnerability to most weapons or tools, and depending on the material they mimic will leave them vulnerable to a specific attack.

Stone Mimetics (Mimeticks)

This type of mimetic (Mimeticks) take the appearance of stone and mineral blocks that, in their calm state, maintain a static posture, pretending to be one more block inside a cave, and that when attacked will take an aggressive posture chasing the player , until you kill him or lose sight of him.

Special features

Depending on the percentage of HP that the mimetics have left, they will show cracks in their body, and this happens with all the variants of this mob.

Mimeticks Booty

  • Stone = 1-3 pavers
  • Andesite = 1-3 Andesite
  • Granite = 1-3 granite
  • Diorite = 1-3 diorite
  • Coal = 2-7 coal
  • Iron = 1-5 Ingots or 9-29 Nuggets
  • Gold = 1-4 Ingots or 5-19 Nuggets
  • Diamond = 1-3 diamonds


Stone Variants:


Variantes de Piedra





Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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