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Wild Craft

Wild Craft
Addons for Minecraft PE
Wild craft add-on add-on many animals to your minecraft world they have super animation and model texture (model by goldenknight yt  texture by royer code by fmods animation by krima) 

We have  super cute koala 
We have tapir can be foundable in everywhere
We have rhino it is tottaly hostile 
We have racoon super cute
We have hippo hostile animation 
We have giraffe it is neutral
We have Black bear It is tottaly hostile
We have deer they can be tamable with apple
Bear attacking villagers 
Giraffe fight with eachother
We have elephant  they can be tamable in future
Deer fight with each other


Download the mcaddon file from upper link then import it and activate both resource and behaviour pack and enjoy

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16



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