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Load More Things In Crossbows! (Snow & Bow Update)

Load More Things In Crossbows! (Snow & Bow Update)
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Have you ever wanted to load the craziest things in Crossbows? Well, now you can! This addon adds 12 Crossbows to play around with and they have the wackiest items. If you like these addons, keep reading!


Crossbow Of Pumpkin Pie - This Crossbow is the only one that you can actually eat! It gives you Saturation for 30 seconds. It also fills up most of your hunger bar, so get crafting and you'll never have to worry about food again!

Crossbow Of TNT - This is a mental Crossbow as it has the biggest explosion and it is even more powerful than TNT itself! If you come across a Pillager Outpost, you can simply blow the building up!

Crossbow Of Dirt - This is the best Crossbow for Noobs as they love dirt! It summons living dirt when the projectile hits the ground. When you kill it, it drops the dirt block. This is good for trolling your friends with the living dirt!

Crossbow Of Ender Pearl - this actually deals damage to mobs if you aim the Crossbow at them! It also teleports you way further than a normal Ender Pearl so you can travel easier than normal.

Crossbow Of Crossbow - Yes. You can shoot a Crossbow... ...from a Crossbow! It deals damage to many mobs except Sliverfish and Endermites. It deals 3-6 hearts of damage when it hits an entity depending on where it lands.
Crossbow Of Sugar - Your probably wondering why I have made a Crossbow Of Sugar. Well, it is because if you hit a mob with it, it'll give them Speed II for 1 minute! Don't shoot it at hostile mobs as this Crossbow will make it even harder to fight them!
Crossbow Of Fire Charge - This is basically the Crossbow of TNT but it does a smaller explosion and less damage. Unlike the TNT Crossbow, this one doesn't have a cooldown, which makes it harder to choose which one you want!
Crossbow Of Diamond Ore - This is the perfect Crossbow for Pros! This summons living diamond ore when it is shot! The ore drops 10 XP and 1-8 Diamonds depending on which looting enchantment you have.
Crossbow Of Cod - This is simple. It summons a Cod when it is shot. But you may see the projectile is still on the ground. Well, if you break the block under it, it'll summon another Cod! So you could say it is a duplication glitch!
Crossbow Of Boat - If you want the boat clutch to be easy, this one is for you. This Crossbow summons a boat and you can even stack this item up to 64 like the others! So, this is way more useful than just having 1 boat in your inventory.
Crossbow Of Shulker - This one summons a hostile mob, Shulkers! This Crossbow might be useful if you need Levitation to get to places. You can duplicate the Shulker spawning as well! So, this has quite a lot of uses!
Here are some images of what it looks like in-game!

Version 1.0.2

Totem Crossbow - The Totem Crossbow is so OP! It summons living Totem Armor and you can tame it with cookies! It'll attack any hostile mob and anything that attacks it. It hates Bats so it'll run away from them!
Villager Crossbow - Seeing as Villagers love Emeralds, this crazy Crossbow will scatter Emeralds everywhere! Sadly, you can't pick them up but just let the Villagers enjoy the precious gems. It can only be crafted in Creative as it needs a Crossbow and a Villager Spawn Egg to be made!
Enchanted Snow Block - As this is a Snow & Bow update, I needed to add something snowy! This Snow Block gives Nausea II to anyone who happens to get hit by it. A perfect way to prank your friends!
Bow Of Ghast - The first ever Bow in this terrific addon! This summons a Ghast and I suggest you don't use it in Survival Mode, it could be dangerous. This Ghast shoots fireballs as soon as you summon it from this Bow!

Bow Of Quiver/Quiver Item - The Quiver was planned in 1.9 but never made it's way into the main game. So I brought it back! The Bow Of Quiver can shoot arrows every millisecond, making it very good in PvP. The Arrows do 7 attack damage!
If you like this addon, why not find out more? Here are some videos of mine to help you! (For the first one, the Crossbow part is at the start!)


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Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201



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