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More Swords Addon!

More Swords Addon!
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Have you ever thought that 6 swords aren't enough? Well, this addon adds 9 more into the game. I hope you enjoy this addon cause I certainly do! (Also, suggest some more sword ideas in the comments!)


Potato/Melon Sword - I just thought this would be funny! You can even eat them. The Melon Sword fills up your whole hunger bar! These are crafted by one stick and two potatoes/melon blocks. They have no attack damage whatsoever!
Lapis Lazuli Sword - This monster of a sword gives you Conduit Power when you hold it. (Haste and Night Vision!) It has the same attack damage as a Diamond Sword. It is crafted by one stick and two lapis blocks.
Gunpowder Sword - This sword is quite rubbish as it only has 3 attack damage and 35 durability. It can kill chickens in one shot though! It is crafted by one stick and two gunpowder. It does give you Haste IV when held as well. Great for Mob Grinding!
Creeper Sword - This sword does 3 or 4 shots to a Creeper and is very useful on other mobs too! It has the same attack damage as an Iron Sword and 456 durability. It is crafted by one stick, one TNT and one gunpowder.
Glass Sword - Once you do your first shot with this sword, it breaks! It has 1 durability and 10 attack damage. It is crafted by one stick and two glass blocks. Craft loads of these if you want to one shot Creepers!
Emerald Sword - This sword gives you Hero Of The Village VI so you get a fair discount on your trades! It also has 9 attack damage which is better than a Netherite Sword. This is crafted by one stick and two emeralds.
Dirt Sword - The best sword according to noobs. This has 2 attack damage and 3 durability so it is pretty much the worst sword! This is crafted by one stick and two dirt. This sword is the easiest sword to craft!
Blaze Rod Sword - This sword has 15 attack damage and can kill a Ravanger in one shot! It has the best durability as well... ...10000! That's more than a Netherite Sword. It is crafted by one stick and two blaze rods.


Version 1.0.1

Cactus Sword - This sword has a whopping 12 attack damage but only has 100 durability! It is one of the easiest swords to craft as you only need to find a desert and mine 2 Cactus. If you live in a Desert Biome, this is the sword for you!
Ender Sword - This brings back a combat mechanic from 1.8! If you hold your screen or hold left click or right click, it'll block 15% of attack damage from hostile mobs. It also gives you Slowness III while you are doing that. You can even stack it!
Lava Sword - It is so OP that you need legit Lava to craft it; Not a Lava Bucket, a block saying!
If you liked the addon, why not find out more? Here are some videos to help! (For the first one, More Swords Addon is at 7:30!)


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101
  • 1.16



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