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Spectate Function Pack

Spectate Function Pack
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Are you ever disappointed by Bedrock Edition's lack of spectator mode? Never fear! This function pack adds something similar, so you can spectate things in your world. This is particularly helpful when you need to get a good angle for that time-lapse you want to make, or that boss battle you want to watch.

Be warned! This pack does not allow you to phase through blocks at the moment. However, it can still be used for flying around without the ability to break/place blocks, attack or be seen by mobs, or access the creative inventory.


After downloading the pack, I recommend not applying it to existing worlds, but there aren't really any consequences for doing so. To apply it to a world, you're going to want to turn on Education Edition. No experimental gameplay is required, however.
This can not be un-done, but it does copy existing worlds when applied to them. It does not(to my knowledge) change the survival experience in any way.

In-Game Use

To start spectating in a world, type the following command:
(very straightforward)
When spectating, you have the ability to fly, are invisible, and are practically immune to damage. However, you can not break/place blocks or attack entities.
To stop spectating, type the following command:
Note: There are issues with flight when leaving the world as a spectator and coming back in. This can be fixed by /function start_spectate as shown above.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16



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